Zoom Teeth Whitening London

Zoom teeth whitening in London is a relatively known treatment throughout the dental industry and uses a bleaching gel to access the stains underneath the enamel brushing cannot reach. Zoom teeth whitening is simply a brand or version used in laser teeth whitening. At One To One, we believe we use the best system available called power teeth whitening, giving results in 1 hour up to 10 shades whiter. The effectiveness of our whitening gels are astonishing, safe and will make your smile look fabulous.

The procedure is initiated with a free teeth whitening consultation which you can arrange by calling 0207 486 0000 During the treatment, your gums and lips will be covered with protection, leaving only your teeth exposed and ready for the gel. The gel will be placed over your teeth by your dentist and activated by a laser which is more like a light. This light activates the gel and uplifts the deep routed stains that reside on a part of the inner tooth called the dentine.

Zoom teeth whitening is an exceptional procedure that is safe and whitens teeth instantly, great for busy individuals that want to restore their natural smile.