Online Giants Help in Fight For Safe Teeth Whitening

A number of the words most powerful online superpowers have acted upon an investigation into the safety of online teeth whitening kits. Retailers including the likes of Amazon, Google and eBay have all removed the potentially dangerous products from the virtual shelves. The stance comes as a results of consumer watchdog Which, who stated the products containing in excess of 0.1% hydrogen peroxide or any chemicals where hydrogen peroxide was produced.

Member of the British Dental Association (BDA) Stuart Johnston said “”High doses of hydrogen peroxide can burn the lining of the mouth if it’s not protected.”

Peter Vicary-Smith, chief executive of Which?, concluded: “These products are illegal, but ineffective policing means they are still widely available. We have shared our findings with Trading Standards and will continue to urge online retailers to boycott such harmful products being sold in their marketplaces.”

In what seemed almost like a competition in itself, each of the 3 aforementioned giants of online retail released statements condemning the online sale of teeth whitening kits, which have seen the number of oral health problems rise significantly this year.

eBay said, “We took action immediately and have built filters and appropriate structures into our system to address this issue. We do not allow unlawful products to be listed on our sites. If anything is brought to our attention we will investigate it and bring appropriate action.”

Google also hit out, “We have a set of policies which govern what ads we do and do not allow… If we discover such ads we will take appropriate action.”

And finally Amazon left us with this following statement from their spokesperson:

“These items were offered by third-party sellers on our Marketplace platform and have now been removed from sale.

“Please note that sellers on Amazon are prohibited from listing, on our Marketplace platform, products that do not comply with applicable laws.”

The results of the firm stances taken but the online marketplaces biggest players seems like a step in the right direction. Many dentists throughout the UK have notices steep rises in the number of DIY botch jobs that don’t just leave some patients teeth very uneven, but they also leave a mark – noticeably the burns on their lips.