Laser teeth whitening London

Looking for Laser Teeth Whitening London? Here, we explain the procedure…

Laser teeth whitening is a whitening procedure that is conducted in the dental surgery by utilising a light activated bleaching gel. The procedure is usually completed in around one or two hours and the result are instantaneous.

Many times the effects can last up to 2 years although many times you will be advised to use home whitening treatments or top up with in house dental whitening.

You will have a consultation with one of our dentists prior to the procedure to assess whether you are eligible for the treatment. They will outline the benefits and possible side effects of the treatment to ensure you know what it involves.

Teeth staining can often be relatively deep so to before any laser teeth whitening occurs your teeth will be cleaned and prepared for optimum results. This is known as the scale and polish by dentists and removes the outer stains and tartar on your teeth.

As we all have our own natural grade/colour of teeth due to genetics, it is important to establish your natural colour so there is a perfect point of reference for the dentists to try and match.

It is important for your teeth to be protected during the procedure as a high concentration of peroxide is going to be used to whiten your teeth. Once your gums are protected, only your teeth will be exposed.

It is incredibly important for the dentist to protect the gums and lips as the peroxide can cause damage and burning if not done correctly. A cheek retractor may be applied and the gums are usually protected with a hardened gel and cotton buds.

This is why you should at least have your first teeth whitening procedure carried out by a qualified dentist. There are many instances of home whitening kits being purchased online that are of very high strength, these can often burn lips and gums sometimes even leading to more permanent damage. Unfortunately this message does not always get to everyone so please be careful before you decide what direction you wish to go in. Our dentists will explain all of this to you and minimise any risks that pertain to laser teeth whitening.

Once the teeth are exposed and the necessary areas protected from the peroxide, you will be given glasses to protect your eyes and then the whitening gel is applied to the teeth. The light will then be turned on which activates the bleach inside of the gel, this reaction will help to whiten your teeth and give you that celebrity smile.

Once the procedure has been completed, the gel will be washed off and the protection that was used will be removed. The dentist will then evaluate the results which are usually dramatic; often teeth can be up to 10 shades lighter!

A professional home whitening kit may then be provided to you, which will help you to achieve a more permanent result of whiter teeth. This is because the laser teeth whitening gives instant results and the home teeth whitening kits authenticated by the dentist can give you a celebrity white smile for the longer term future.