Laser Combination Teeth Whitening

Power Laser Combination whitening

Stained teeth, self conscious when you smile? This is for you.. this is 1 hour laser teeth whitening + Gleam Professional Home Whitening.

To get a fantastic result quickly & conveniently you should opt for Our laser combination whitening.
At One To One we have designed a teeth whitening experience to maximise your comfort & results.

What Will Happen?

Firstly we have a consultation with you to understand what you are looking for in your whitening treatment, a simple boost or the best result possible.Once we understand your aim we can customise your whitening procedure accordingly.
No Fake Smiles Here

There is no need to worry about your teeth looking fake / too white, natural teeth can never look fake owing to their natural imperfections and characterisations.
Teeth whitening will lighten the structure of the tooth but won’t change the structure of the teeth, so there is no danger of looking like Simon Cowell.

The Teeth Whitening Clinic

Power Teeth Whitening
In the treatment clinic, you take a seat on our luxurious medi-spa bed & choose your entertainment – a film, comedy or entertainment show to watch on the widescreen tv above your head.
We then take detailed digital photographs of your teeth whilst measuring the colour using a special teeth whitening scale. We then protect the gums, exposed tooth roots & cheeks using a special protective gel, without this protection it could be very painful (avoid teeth whitening kits from the internet).

The treatment at One To One combines 2 different treatment modalities to provide a fast & long lasting boost to the whiteness of your teeth.
For the first part of the procedure we isolate the teeth with the protective gel, then paint on the professional strength whitening gel.
This should only be used by a dental professional as it could cause pain if not used correctly.
The gel is evenly placed on the teeth surfaces, and then is activated by a special light. The principle effect is to warm up the gel and thus increase the effectiveness of the whitening gel.

The Home Teeth Whitening Gel

Typically it is left on the surface for 15 minutes, this is then carefully cleaned off the tooth surface and then a fresh batch of whitening gel is placed on the teeth to repeat the process. This is done 3 times usually. Once the process is complete a desensitising gel is applied to the teeth to strengthen them, a new photo is taken and then the aftercare instructions are given to the patient.
At One To One we also supply the professional home whitening kit – Gleam. This capitalises on the teeth having already been activated by the professional strength whitening gel giving a further whitening boost. This home whitening is custom designed to fit you by taking impressions of your teeth and you can top up while you are at home.

How Long Do Results Last?

Our whitening typically lasts 12-18 months depending on your diet (how much coffee, tea, red wine & stain inducing foods you consume). It is possible to purchase additional whitening gel capsules so that you can top up yourself or you can repeat the power whitening process again. Typically no more than once a year is enough.
Call 020 7112 8131 if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

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