Internal Whitening

What is Internal whitening?

Some teeth cannot be whitened using whitening reservoirs (trays) or power whitening, this is because if the tooth is dark, it is dark due to the inside of the tooth having become clogged with deposits caused by the pulp (tooth nerve) breaking down.
This makes the tooth unresponsive to traditional whitening methods as the discolouration is deep within the tooth.
The tooth is dark because of the presence of breakdown products inside it, as the nerve is dead the tooth needs to be washed and cleaned inside in order to have space for the whitening gel to be absorbed.

The tooth should have been root treated already, if this is not yet done it can be done quickly and painlessly. Then the rubber material is cleaned & removed from inside the tooth to make space for the special whitening gel.

The inside of the tooth is sealed & then the whitening gel is placed inside the tooth. This continues for about 3 sessions, and there should be an improvement in the colour of the tooth. Typically sessions are 4 days apart.

Internal whitening is a fantastic treatment as it is very conservative and can make a huge difference to someone’s confidence levels.