Home Teeth Whitening

How long does Home Teeth Whitening take?
15 minutes for impressions. 10 minutes for fit & instructions.
What Is the Treatment Exactly?
Professional home whitening is where the dentist will check your teeth to ensure you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening. We will take impressions of your teeth to create very accurate models, with these models we create custom fitted whitening reservoir trays which fit intimately over the tooth surfaces.

Then at the second visit the trays are then tried in for accuracy & fit, the strength of the whitening gel will be appropriate to your tooth type & enamel thickness.

A team member will show you how to use the whitening capsules to apply the gel to the inside of the trays. These reservoirs are used to deliver the whitening gel to the tooth surface, it is important they fit accurately for effectiveness.

The ideal time to whiten your teeth is at night time, as the longer the whitening gel is in contact with the teeth the more effective the absorption of the gel into the tooth.
The reservoirs fit easily into your routine, simply brush your teeth as normal and then place a teardrop amount of whitening gel into each of the whitening reservoir tooth sections. Firmly push the whitening reservoir into place, it should fit tightly and remain in place. Simply wipe off the minimal excess gel using a damp cotton bud / finger tip.

Do the same for the lower teeth & reservoir. Take a small cup of water and have a gentle rise to remove any excess gel (professional gel tastes minty and is quite safe).These are to be worn nightly, as they need to be in contact with the tooth surface for at least 5 hours. This allows the gel to permeate the tooth surface & gently whiten the tooth from the inside out.
In the morning simply rinse the reservoirs and place them for safekeeping in the boxes provided.
The remaining gel can be kept in a cool dry place for safe keeping. The process is then repeated nightly or as prescribed by the dental health professional.
What makes One To One Dental different?
At One To One Dental we use our own teeth whitening gel, which is is highly effective yet gentle. We supply 8 capsules for the whitening to take place.We also manufacture our own teeth whitening reservoirs so in many instances you would be able to start whitening the same day you had your impressions taken.

Whitening can cause transient sensitivity, this is because the whitening gel makes the tooth more permeable during the process, at One To One Dental we include complimentary sensitivity treatment gel should this be an issue & we can customise your whitening regime in order to maximise effectiveness for you.
How long does the treatment last?
Whitening typically lasts 12-18 months depending on your diet (how much coffee, tea, red wine & stain inducing foods you consume). It is possible to purchase additional whitening gel capsules so that you can top up yourself after this time.
Whiter Teeth – Guaranteed

We guarantee a demonstrable improvement in whiteness of your teeth. We have a no-quibble top up policy, if in the first month following the whitening treatment you are unhappy with the result obtained we will give you a free review to understand & review the result, then provide you with more gel if needed at no charge.

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