Brits FINALLY Adopting Teeth Whitening in London

Teeth whitening is one of the biggest, instant confidence boosters that exists within the field of dentistry and ultimately, the beauty industry. It has taken us Brits a long time when compared to our American cousins, to realise the power our smile really has. It’s one of the biggest contributors to our first impressions and it seems we’re starting to realise this in the UK. Dental spending is set to jump to £9bn and the appearance of our teeth is now something you can’t avoid if you want to look good. Teeth whitening in London is now big business and it’s only set to grow further along with other cosmetic treatments.

If you want to do one thing to quickly improve your overall appearance with little to no effort then don’t worry because there are various places you can go to get teeth whitening in London. How many dodgy yellow teeth do you see on successful actors? There’s a reason for that. Along with hair, makeup and fitness, teeth whitening should be at the top of your list for visual aesthetics and generally looking good. For me at least, one of the biggest confidence boosters and variables as to how I feel about myself and interact with others, is how I look. If I feel like I’m looking good, my interactions that day are significantly improved just from being in a good mood. Make no mistake however, just as you can have a nightmare experience at an ill equipped hair salon, teeth whitening can be a very dangerous accident waiting to happen when in the wrong hands, this is why it’s illegal for anyone other than dental professionals to use. Dead Teeth for example… More on this later!

Teeth Whitening in London is easy to come by but not all whitening is the same and some is just simply harmful or even catastrophic if done incorrectly. To use hydrogen peroxide between 0.1% and 6% you have to be a qualified dental professional on the dental register at the GDC. Anything below this level won’t have much effect on your teeth. I’ve had friends go to great lengths to get cheap whitening and it often lends itself to disaster and costs more trying to fix, not to mention painful sensitivity. The General Dental Council say “Where an individual is not registered with the GDC they are not entitled to provide tooth whitening as tooth whitening falls within the definitions of practice of dentistry under sections 37 and 38 of the Dentists Act.”

It’s scary to know who you can trust with your teeth, reputation is key, so always check the dental register at the GDC to ensure they are fit to practice. There are various reasons for this and they can actually kill your teeth if they are “leaking”. The hydrogen peroxide can find its way into the tooth and kill it. This is why your dentist will perform a clinical examination to ensure there are no oral pathology concerns or risk factors. Fancy!

The Multiple Benefits of Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening London
I’m careful about my teeth whitening

It’s surprising how people are happy to spend money on getting their hair cut and coloured, designer clothes, and the latest ‘must-
have’ handbags, yet neglect the one thing that says more about you than any outfit could – their smile. More and more patients head to the dentist for regular check ups than ever before, but the front runner is the cosmetic dentistry with people looking to emulate the Hollywood smile. The problem is that things like red wine and smoking can stain your teeth and make them look yellow, sadly a trait Brits are known for in the US and around the world. So if you’ve had a few too many glasses of wine, cigarettes or if you’ve been really bad and had both over the last few years, it might be time to take advantage of the teeth whitening treatments London can offer.

The easy availability of teeth whitening for London residents means that there’s no reason to put up with a smile that you’re not happy with. Just try it, and you’ll see how having whiter teeth brightens up your whole face. I use it myself and it works for me.You don’t have to worry about dull looking teeth any more; a Hollywood smile isn’t just reserved for the rich and famous. I’m not saying you should request a Simon Cowell and start shouting at any nearby singers, but good teeth whitening is affordable and accessible for anyone – no excuses. Remember that you don’t need to go for a smile that will literally dazzle onlookers; that’s fine for people who make their living from their looks, but the average person only really needs to brighten up their smile a few shades. It will definitely enhance your smile and thus your overall looks.

So who should you trust with the task of brightening up your smile? It’s important to make a careful choice and not just go for the cheapest option. There are a lot of places offering teeth whitening in London, many of which are illegal under European Law, so be careful.  The safest option is to have the treatment done by a qualified dentist, who can explain the risks and likely results. They will have the experience necessary to avoid damage to your teeth. Never take risks when it comes to your teeth – a bargain basement price is most likely so cheap because the person offering it doesn’t have the qualifications or experience necessary to ensure that the treatment is carried out safely.

Having a tooth whitening treatment done is really the only way to get a brighter smile. Whitening toothpastes are pretty ineffective, and you should avoid cheap home version of whitening treatment like lemon juice, which will damage the enamel. And you should never be tempted to try using home versions of the whitening treatments available in salons and dentists; they will either be too weak to be effective, or actively harmful. The best option really is to get it done by a professional who knows exactly what they’re doing. After all, you want a fabulous smile, not to make things worse. So do your homework, check out the qualifications of anyone offering these treatments, and be absolutely sure that you’re trusting the right person. And don’t look for bargains – you only get one set of teeth, and you want to look after them. You get what you pay for, so make sure that you’re paying for a high-quality treatment from an experienced practitioner. It will be worth every penny when you look in the mirror and see how much brighter your smile is.

There is a Harley Street clinic I visit that provides a safe and sophisticated laser teeth whitening process known as Zoom! and have a world renowned reputation in dentistry. The clinic is run by renowned principal dental surgeon Dr Fazeela Khan Osborne. I’m safe in the knowledge that if there are any problems with my teeth they will find and fix them and that any teeth whitening isn’t going to cause damage or pain to my teeth.

Teeth can become discoloured very easily through everyday habits of life such as tea, coffee and wine. Even dark foods can cause the dentine inside of our teeth to look darker than they naturally should be. As much of the staining happens “inside” the tooth, brushing will seldom help to alleviate the stains. This is why we use an internal gel that can access these underlying issues.

Tooth discolouration can happen to anyone over time and it can be tempting to go with cheaper options that put our health at risk. It is vital that you do see a dental professional who can tell you whether it’s safe to go ahead (not everyone should have teeth whitening done for health reasons). If any of the teeth are leaking then this can cause severe damage and will need to be addressed first, otherwise you can damage the tooth long term.

At first I had to have my teeth checked over at The One To One Dental Clinic which didn’t take very long, but I had to jump a could of shades to get to where I wanted to be which takes around an hour. I now simply top up every few months in the comfort of my own home using my home teeth whitening gel.

Whatever the reason for wanting whiter teeth, professional whitening is such a popular treatment because the effects can be so immediately drastic. The immediate results can boost confidence, give a dramatically younger appearance and enhance our first impressions given to people we meet everyday.

Teeth whitening used to be a luxury only celebrities could afford, but after the advancements and availability of better dental technology, teeth whitening in London is now an accessible and affordable treatment option.

One To One Dental provides various treatments around the scope of tooth whitening. These include the Zoom! Laser and custom made home teeth whitening trays were we take moulds of your teeth and you gradually top up at home throughout the year before a big event or party.